As First-year students of EPB Hospitality Faculty, ATSA in collaboration with EPB provided the students for the past three years, two days of orientation in the month of October. The orientation includes visit to all the vacation ownership resorts on the island.

ATSA together with its members resorts and EPB started this initiative to help prepare the students by providing them this experience so that they are aware of what the vacation ownership industry has to offer.

The association looks forward to continuing hosting these orientation events in the future. ATSA also has meetings pending with EPB in early 2018 to fortify our collaboration that will help attract qualified staff for the industry in the near future.

The orientation day serves to offer the students a glimpse of “daily operations” of the resorts. The orientation is for both EPB San Nicolas and EPB Oranjestad. The hotels staff guides the students through various departments such as, maintenance, food and beverages, housekeeping, front desk, administration, security and sales. The topics that are covered during the visit of the departments include:

  • Overall management structure and the number of departments in the Resort
  • Individual departmental structure
  • Dress codes for our industry
  • The aspect of being service-minded
  • Discipline on the job
  • Career and growth opportunities
  • Having fun