The importance of the timeshare segment of the Tourism product to Aruba cannot be understated and periodic updates – financial and otherwise – are important indicators and reminders of this contribution.

Feedback from visitors is one of the methods used to ensure that the industry keeps apace with the expectations of our loyal visitors and recently ATSA in conjunction with the University of Aruba and ATA conducted a survey of timeshare owners. The Aruba Tourism Authority conducted exit surveys with the timeshare owners during December of 2017. Students of the University of Aruba collected further data in September 2017 by visiting the timeshare resorts and conducting surveys among the in-house members and guests.

Professor Robin DiPietro of the University of South Carolina has agreed to clean-up the data, analyze the data using the survey provided, analyze the economic impact of the timeshare industry, and present the results and reporting of results in February 2018. The State of the Aruba Timeshare Industry – A 40 year celebration will be shared at a function to be attended by industry partners and representatives of leading business entities on the island.