Effective July 1, 2017 Casa del Mar Beach Resort became the first time-share resort in Aruba to adopt a five-day work week for all employees. For the past two years, the vision of the Casa del Mar management team has been to give our employees a better quality of life and allow them to spend more time with their families. “Our employees are our most important asset; the service they provide to our guests determines whether Casa del Mar, is successful or not. Management can train and guide our employees but they are the ones who interact with our guests daily. If our employees are happy, then our members and guests are happy.”
Completing the goal centered on the commitment made to our employees coupled with the need to act in a fiscally responsible manner. Working with the managers, the Board of Directors and employees, the Casa del Mar team made this change happen without materially increasing overall operating costs.
The owners of Casa del Mar have reacted very positively to this news. Members have developed long-lasting relationships with our employees, many of whom have worked at Casa del Mar for over 20 years. Overall, this is a win-win for Members and employees.