During the course of last year, our association joined forces with CEDE Aruba in exploring the possibility to build a business case for “Individual Giving Based Fundraising” between the ATSA members. The results of an online survey under the members of ATSA resulted in the majority of the members confirming their commitment to participate in developing a business case.

The development of the business case will start in early March 2018, after a small team was put together. On behalf of ATSA, Mr. Jan van Nes, Mrs. Adelaida Fingal and Ross Brezovar will join the team. On behalf of CEDE Aruba, Mr. Daniel Tecklenborg and other freelancers will complete the team.

The business case document will contain detailed explanations regarding:

  • The fund collection procedures
  • SIAD declaration (no tax payments)
  • Strategic goals that will be supported
  • Marketing / promotion in the resorts
  • Fund management by CEDE Aruba
  • The implementation steps and planning

The business case team should get support from the participating resorts. That is why it required that every resort should appoint a contact person that would be available to answer certain questions and / or provide information.

Since there are several good promotion opportunities for the fund, the business case also should include the opportunity to include online donations for visitors, such as donations by credit card. The “look and feel of the fund that will be created should be very positive. Aruba will be promoted in a way that fits with the “One Happy Island” image. That is why we thought about the name “Happy Community Development Fund”, promoting an island of community-based initiatives. The stories that would be told should aim on the great examples of community organizations and activities in Aruba.

ATSA and CEDE Aruba has discussed various ideas regarding the goals that we would support. Rather than open the fund to lots of applications from different organizations, the fund could be destined to causes that really need to get support in Aruba. One topic is the need for After School Programs for kids above 12 years old. Other topics include affordable and high quality childcare. ATSA and CEDE Aruba could adopt those kinds of programs or even develop programs like that together with NGO’s, rather than to depend on applications.